Gert W. Knop: Author and Graphic Artist

last days of summer
leaves are dancing in the sun
a pair of ducks hide

quite after midnight
time disappears in silence
suddenly thunder

the song of a lark
so very slowly fading
after summer rain

Gert W. Knop, pseudonym: André Steinbach, born in 1943 in Darmstadt, Germany, lives and works in Zittau, Saxony as author and graphic artist. His poems and short stories have been published in various anthologies in Germany and online in the USA (www.poetrysoup.com). He received several awards for his graphic art and poetry. His latest haiku have been published in the anthology: “Es duftet nach Sonntag” (A Scent of Sunday), Literaturpodium and Dorante Edition, Berlin, 2011.

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