International Top Scorers

The 17th issue of Kusamakura presents Dietmar Tauchner as honoured author.

The winner of Mainichi's 2012-haiku-competition have been announced. Claudia Brefeld, Beate Conrad and Birgit Schaldach are anmong them.

Krzysztof Kokot has published his "European top 100 most creative haiku authors in 2012". Following German Tongues have been mentioned: Christa Beau, Claudia Brefeld, Ralf Bröker, Beate Conrad, Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă, Volker Friebel, Heike Gewi, Martina Heinisch, Lothar M. Kirsch, Bernhard Kopf, Ramona Linke, Horst Ludwig, Rudi Pfaller, Helga Stania, Dietmar Tauchner.

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