Multimedia-Haiku and a Lot of Teamwork

Daily Haiga asks for submissions by showing a haiga from Heike Gewi.

Asahi Haikuist Networks congratulates Buddha - and presents a haiku from Ramona Linke.

LYNX XXVIII is online with some collaborative and solo work by Claudia Brefeld, Helga Stania, Elizabeth McFarland, Ramona Linke, Simone K. Busch, Anna-Dore/Wolfgang Beutke, and Ralf Bröker.

Mainichi published a couple of haiku from German tongues lately: Beate Conrad, Ramona Linke, Wolfgang Beutke, Dietmar Tauchner, and Lothar M. Kirsch.

Stella Pierides' "In the Garden of Absence" has been briefly reviewed in Frogpond.

Haiku from Ramona Linke and Kurt F. Svatek were read at WHA 8th Japan Conference Part one and two.

As promised: "World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Right violation" is a good place for 420 authors and especially for a lot of German tongues. Every bookmarker is one of them: Karin Baumgartner, Gerd Börner, Inge Böffgen, Claudia Brefeld, Ralf Bröker, Simone K. Busch, Ingo Cesaro, Daniel Dreher, Betti Fichtl, Volker Friebel, Jochen Hahn-Klimroth, Martina Heinisch, Peter Janssen, Sigi Lewandowski, Ramona Linke, Matthias Mala, Marion Naumann d'Alnoncourt, Helmut Schlick, Monika Smollich, Dietmar Tauchner, Dr. Joachm Thiede, Udo Wenzel, and Klaus-Dieter Wirth.

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