106th WHA Haiga and 11th Int. Kukai

Kuniharu Shimizu presents these authors and their works in his 106th WHA Haiga Contest: Christa Beau, Elke Bonacker, Simone K. Busch, Cezar F. Ciobica, Beate ConradIoana Dinescu, Heike GewiSilvia Kempen, Ramona Linke, Helga Stania, and Heike Stehr.

The following writers took part in the 11th International Kukai in number of appearance: Horst Ludwig, and Bernhard Kopf. We also find Stella Pierides and Linda Hofke here, who live in Germany and write in English, Ralf Bröker and Cezar F.Ciobîca

In 2009 John Knight wrote about German Haiku and his way to listen. By the way he shows a freeclimbing use of umlaute.

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