Hashimoto's and McMurray's choice

Haiku from Ramona Linke and Heike Stehr have been preseted by Isamu Hashimoto in The Mainichi on 21st and 13rd of this month.

David McMurray selected haiku from Valeria Barouch, Beate Conrad, Bernhard Kopf, and Ralf Bröker for Asahi Haikuist Network.

Issue 13.1 of tinyword saw Dietmar Tauchner on 18th.

A view into the past of German haiku: Jane Reichhold's "Those Women Writing Haiku in Europe: Haiku in Germany". This report connects to the collection of haiku we presented in HFGT on 2/12/2013. The copyright says, this web page is from 1986; the youngest source comes from 1990.

PS: Some authors have been mentioned in our HFGT-news, but did not appear yet in our HFGT-portrait. If you are one of these, just mail to haikufromgermantongues (at) freenet (dot) de and send your three published haiku in English. Please add a short biography and up to two links leading to your blog, homepage, or member-side.

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