Haiku, Haiga and Haibun

Simply haiku presents a haiga and a haibun, the both from Beate Conrad.

Gerd Börner's haiku appear twice in the World Haiku Review 12/12: in Shintai and in Vanguard.

The 12th and the 13th Haiku meeting of the Meguro International Haiku Circle (moderator: Catherine Urquhart) have been opened with haiku from Simone K. Busch.

As far as I see, it was about 20 years ago that Jane Reichhold translated some Dutch and German haiku into English. I found the following German Tongues: Flandrina von Salis, Imma von Bodmershof, Margret Buerschaper, Sabine Sommerkamp, Ilse Hensel, Ingrid Grunsky, Ilse von Heywolff-Kullmann, Saskia Ishikawa-Franke, Lia Frank, Marianne Junghans, Lili Keller-Strittmatter, Gerda Adelheid Kirmse, Hildegard Loth. Jane Reichhold also tells about a Swiss painter: Conrad Meili, who had published haiku in Japanese magazines and illustrated many haiku of German speaking origin. Some of the authors named here have been mentioned by Klaus-Dieter Wirth in his essay "Haiku life in Germany - historical background and present situation", written in 2007.

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