Matthias Korn: Haiku from Magdeburg

the moon
is staggering

Open air concert
a child
counts legs

Clouds darken
in the children's room
a clock ticks

Matthias Korn, born in 1967, lives in Magdeburg, Germany, management assistant in informatics, haiku poet since 2003 and member of the German Haiku Society.


Claudia Melchior: Haiku, Photos, Music

a cyclist carries
The Girl from Ipanema
through the town

The Mainichi Daily News 03.09.2010 and „Annual Selection 2010“

All Hallows' Eve--
grandpa puts his teeth
into a glass 

marked for felling...
in the treetop
a bird's nest

Claudia Melchior was born 1966 in Freiburg where she still lives and writes. She is a member of the German Haiku Society since 2006. Publications of haiku and haiga in anthologies, in the Saijiki of Hamburger Haiku Verlag, Haiku heute, Sommergras, World Haiku Review, Chrysanthemum, The Mainichi Daily News, Asahi Shimbun, Haikuscope, Lynx, Dulzinea, WHA Haiga Contest. Also musical versions of texts.

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