Cezar F. Ciobîcă: Teacher and Author

thunders - 
dandelion fluff rises 
without a god

Second Place, 2011 Pen Haiku Contest  

kukai in orchard - 
a cherry petal 
settles as kireji

Honorable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, 2011  

back at 
the pawn shop - 
the moon in the window
Excellent Award, Fourth National Haiku Contest, Bulgaria, 2011

Cezar F. Ciobîcă, born in 1971, in Romania, lives and works in Botoșani as teacher and author. He began writing haiku in 2008 and his poems have appeared on several websites (Haiku Heute, Chrysanthemum, Sketchbook, Mainichi Daily News, Tinywords, Asahi Haikuist Network). His awards are posted on Oglindiri.  


Gabriele Hartmann: Lives, Paints, Writes

full moon
a guest
I didn't invite

children's voices

shadows of magnolias and blackbirds
the same black


he arranges figures
and waits

"Chrysanthemum, 6 October 2009, feature"

Gabriele Hartmann: born in 1956, lives, paints und writes in a small village between Köln and Frankfurt. Courious?


Udo Wenzel: Writer and Editor

carry the moonlight
across backwater

New haiku contest 2010 Merit Award

Hiroshima day -
the sound of the bell
over the town

Bashô's Anniversary Web Haiku Contest Award

child soldier
peering at the sky
in his barrel

2006, Commended by Steve Wolfe

Udo Wenzel, born in 1957 in Southern Germany. Training as a bookseller, studies of sociology, diverse odd jobs. Works in the Information Technology since 1991. Lives in Hamburg since 1983. Occasionally he had been writing poems and short stories for about 30 years, got involved with haiku-poetry in 2002. Publications of haiku, essays about haiku-theory and -history, interviews, and translations in anthologies and haiku-magazines (national and international). Member of the German Haiku Society. Editor of TAUBENSCHLAG (dovecote), the litblog for short lyrics and short prose. Editor of the website HAIKU-STEG (haiku-jetty). Published his book "Taubenschlag" with short poems and short poetry in 2010 (Wiesenburg Verlag, Schweinfurt).


Klaus-Dieter Wirth: Linguist and Promoter

St. Valentine's Day
at the end of the line
an audible smile

Awarded as "favorite haiku" in "Modern Haiku" Vol 35.3, 2004

dreary afternoon
a carp in the park pond snaps
at a speck of sun

Special prize in the "Genkissu! Spirit up! World Wide Hekinan Haiku Contest 2006"

curtain of beads
the rustle
of filtered light

"Blithe Spirit" Vol 20, No 2, June 2010

Klaus-Dieter Wirth, living alternately in Viersen near Düsseldorf and at Burg, a village of wine-growers on the Moselle. Retired linguist in the teaching profession (English, French, Spanish). First contact with the haiku in 1967. Working for the promotion of haiku on an international level. Membership in several haiku societies (D, GB, NL/B, F, USA, CDN) and active collaboration on different journals, esp. "Sommergras", "Blithe Spirit", "Gong", "Chrysanthemum", and "Whirligig". Numerous publications in magazines and anthologies; awarded in several different competitions. Just out his quadrilingual haiku book "Zugvögel/Migratory Birds/Oiseaux migrateurs/Aves migratorias".  
Klaus-Dieter Wirth's DHG-member-page


Claudia Brefeld: Author and Photographer

holidays end--
only the motion of the sea
in the driving mirror

old stream--
the moon floats into
the blue hour

The Heron’s Nest – XVIII (1) 2011

dust-blind glass –
her hands searching
forgotten closeness

Claudia Brefeld – born 1956 in Gronau (NRW), lives in Bochum. She has written lyrics (and short stories) for many years and haiku and aphorism since 2003. Moreover she writes tan-renga, renku and rengay. Nature photography is also on the list of her hobby priorities. Her haiku and haiga have been published in anthologies and in such magazines as: Albatross, Chrysanthemum, Mainichi Daily News, Notes from the Gean, Simply Haiku, The Heron's Nest, WHC-German, WHA-Haiga-Contest. SOMMERGRAS, and other… She is the second chairwoman of the German Haiku Society, and founding member and secretary to the board of the German Aphorism Archive.


Rudi Pfaller: "I Always Discover New Things"

silent night
a nut drops
from the moon

Mainichi Daily News 04-12-2006

brimstone butterfly
the sun
gets wings

Mainichi Daily News Best of 2010

 Autumn gale
every leaf
hunts leaves

Rudi Pfaller was born in 1949, and with his wife and his dog he lives in the valley of Rems nearby Stuttgart. He has been writing haiku since 2006. He says: “Since that time I try to reveal the secret about this short poetry and I always discover new things.”


Heike Gewi: Writing Became a Life Style

still not tired
to give -
apricot tree

Heron's Nest, Dec. 2010

wisdom of growing old
the koi moves
to a deeper level

on cathedral glass
a man I can name

Heike Gewi: born in Dessau/Saxony-Anhalt in 1964, living and working in Aden (Republic of Yemen), writing Haiku since 2007 and painting again after a 25-years-break since autumn 2010. She says: “Writing became a life style and doing so there is no imagination without highlightening some moments of our lives or giving answers in designed crime fictions to the question What if? ...“



Gerd Börner: Short Poetry and Short Prose

In the stairwell ...
your smile
already at the top

“Hinterhofhitze. Moderne Kurzlyrik - Haiku und Haibun“, Ideedition Berlin, 2005

autumn sun
skipping the shadows
along the trees

“Offene Ferne. Kurzlyrik und Kurzprosa“, Ideedition Berlin, 2008

at the edge of summer
going more slowly
through the rain

Haikuscope: Kurzgedicht der Woche 40. KW 2010

Gerd Börner: born in 1944, studied electrical engineering, lives today as lyric poet in Berlin, member of the editorial staff of the Poetry-Portal “Haikuscope” and “Chrysanthemum”. Publications: “Hinterhofhitze. Moderne Kurzlyrik - Haiku und Haibun“, Ideedition Berlin, 2005, “Offene Ferne. Kurzlyrik und Kurzprosa“, Ideedition Berlin, 2008. Own website with spoken short poetry and short prose:



Helga Stania – Born in Siegen, lives in Switzerland

spring wind
softly locking the door
of my parents' home

Rose of Sharon
the blue shimmer
of distant roads

boundery stones
on the old battlefield
melting snow

Helga Stania was born in Siegen, Germany, in 1946, graduated in biology and geography (from Universität Bonn), now residing in Switzerland.

member's site at German Haiku Society
member's site "Haiku heute"


Volker Friebel – Psychologist and Author

Summer wind.
The foal stable – 

City wall.
The ivy sends new sprouts 
through the arrow slit. 

Morning at the folds 
of red. 

Volker Friebel, *1956, psychologist, author, musician, secretary of the German Haiku Society. He lives in Tübingen.



Dietmar Tauchner – Author and Traveller


march morning
the holocaust of dreams
in Fukushima

old city walls
we are shadows
passing by

soldiers sharing
the gene pool

Notes from the Gean, 2/4, March 2011

Dietmar Tauchner, born in 1972 in Austria, lives and works in Puchberg and Vienna, as social-worker, author and passionate traveller and trekker. His work has been published in various magazines and anthologies worldwide. He received some awards as the First Price at the International Haiku Contest Ludbreg in Croatia in 2004, and the Third Prize at the Kusamakura International Haiku Competition 2005, 2009 and 2010, the Naji Naaman "Creativity Prize" in Lebanon 2009 as well as twice the "Scorpion Prize" for the best haiku published in Roadrunner and the First Price of the Haiku International Association (HIA) in Tokyo 2008 . He attended the First and the Second European Haiku Conference, The Haiku North America Conference in 2005, as well as the World Haiku Association Conference 2009 in Lituania, where he held lectures and readings. Co-Director of four short haiku films. He is editor of the Austrian based international haiku webmagazine "Chrysanthemum".



Welcome Co-Editor Heike Stehr!

Heike Stehr, German haikuist from Moers, has agreed to be a co-editor of this blog. I am looking forward to this teamwork!


The Idea Concerning this Blog ...

Many authors write haiku in German, some of them publish world wide. But there seems to be no place to get an overview of this community in English. This is why this blog would like to present haiku in English from authors, who come from a German speaking origin. 

To show the width of haiku from German tongues to an international audience, I ask haijin to send three haiku in English, a short biography and a link to their homepage, blog or haiku-organization. If haiku have been published before, I will be pleased to set up a link to the primary publication.

Selected entries will be published here every two weeks.

Ralf Bröker