A Wonderful Collection

Red Moon Press has launched Dietmar Tauchner's "noise of our origin". John Stevenson says: "An ambidextrous poet, equally effective in German and English, Dietmar Tauchner is an energetic contributor to the cause of haiku as world literature." And Alan Summer calls it "a wonderful collection".

The Mainichi published haiku by Beate Conrad, Cezar F. Ciobica, Lothar M. Kirsch, Stefan Wolfschütz, and Bernhard Kopf.

Silence, wind in the trees, and war's end have been items for Ramona Linke, Valeria Barouch, Heike Gewi, and Bernhard Kopf on Asahi Haikuist Network.

Tinywords presented a haiky by Dietmar Tauchner.

Haiku from Simone K. Busch, Helga Stania, and Heike Gewi are part of A Hundred Gourds 2:4 September 2013. The issue also presents haiga by Simone and a renku, in which Dietmar Tauchner was involved.

Martina Heinisch's haiga was published in Ramona Linke's haiku-art.

Elizabeth McFarland's work is to be seen in the haigaonline gallery.

Roman Rausch and Sasche Mücke won a haiku contest in languages, which do not exist in this world: The International Conference on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Invented Languages.

Shiki Monthly's "10th Annual Poets' Choice Kukai" saw Cezar F. Ciobica on fifth place in the Kigo Category and Stella Pierides in the points (Free Category). The both also took part in the July Kukai, and so did Horst Ludwig and Ralf Bröker.

Claudius Gottstein, Cezar F. Ciobica, and Ralf Bröker were participants of Caribbean Kigo Kukai 45.

Tanka by a facebook group called Tanka Poets on Site have been performed by Kathabela Wilson on the Haiku North America's conference. Ralf Bröker was among them - just literally.