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... for help: someone or a team, who is looking for content (haiku, tanka etc. in international publications, written by haijin of German tongue). Or who wants to manage the blog. 


Angelica Seithe: Therapist, Lecturer, Author

moment of diving 
kingfisher meets 

Mainichi Daily News, 9/24/2013 

red maple leaf
in the letter box  

Mainichi Daily News, 1/18/2014 

fresh snow
no traces left 
between us 

Sharpening The Green Pencil 2014: Commendation
Chrysanthemum 15 
Angelica Seithe, lives in Wettenberg near Gießen, and in Munich. Psychological Psychotherapist, lecturer, author. Her last publication of lyric poetry: "Regenlicht. Gedichte" (2013). Numerous publications in literary magazines. She received several rewards, i. a. Sonderpreis Lyrik in the competition of the Nordhessischer Autorenpreis 2009 and the jury prize of the Hildesheimer Lyrikwettbewerb 2012 and 2014.  

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Day-to-Day-Haiku: Everyone May Submit

Tageshaiku is a new bilingual online presentation. Its English name is Day-to-Day-Haiku, and founder Silvia Kempen works as an admin. Haiku From German Tongues wants to know why, how, and who ...

Silvia, you have started "Day-To-Day-Haiku" as a project in German and English. Why?

There are several reasons. The German web page "Haiku heute" publishes a greater number of haiku once a month. I think to present haiku this way gpays  for the single haiku. Haikuscope dedicates one short poem to a whole week. A long time, in my view. Therefore fewer texts can be published and that might be disappointing for the sender. I think, there are more than 52 good haiku in one year.

To be read world-wide and thus to contribute something for further dissemination of German Haiku, I use the English language. But it can be vice versa.

The accessories below the asterisk give pleasure, and I hope this may also be interesting for people who don't write haiku.
Day-To-Day-Haiku appears daily - as the name says. That's a lot of work. How do you manage this as a single administrator?

Though online desktop publishing on blogspot.de annoys me sometimes, it offers a schedule facility. At the very moment posts upto the middle of February are ready and on the appropriate days they will go online automatically.

Unfortunately I don't have the submissions to bridge a time of more than 10 days, but hopefully one day it will be. If not, I have to see how to accomplish it. I'm sure, I  will get an idea.

Who may submit by Day-To-Day-Haiku? 

Everyone! Any nationality. To  translate the haiku into German, it is necessary to send in an English version in a good quality. Here I would like to thank Wolfgang Beutke and Klaus-Dieter Wirth for some help.


Through the Stream of the New Year

A very interesting newbie in the German-English haiku-landscape is Silvia Kempen's tageshaiku (haiku of the day). Please have a look.

Horst Ludwig's and Angelica Seithe's haiku have been presented by Mainichi's.

AHA poetry published LYNX 29.1. Inside you will find the work of  Beth McFarland, Claudia Brefeld, Heike Gewi, Helga Stania, Ramona Linke, Sabine Sommerkamp, Walther Mathois, and Wolfgang Beutke. Jane and Werner Reichhold announce their new book "Symbiotic Poetry - muti-genre/multi-media in action". Gabriele Hartmann, Claudia Brefeld, and Beate Conrad appear in "letters & greetings".

"Our father sent food" and "Through the stream": Asahi Haikuist Network offered haiku written by Valeria Barouch, Ramona Linke, Wolfgang Beutke, and Horst Ludwig.

Gérard Krebs appears in World Haiku Review - Neo Classical.

A Hundred Gourds 3.1 shows haiku by Heike Gewi, Helga Stania, and Dietmar Tauchner.

Stella Pierides' senryu is to be read in Writers & Lovers Café Vol. 1. No. 1 Fall 2013.

Simone K. Busch is presented in Meguro International Haiku Circle, 1/2014.

KrzysztofKokot has published his "European top 100 most creative haiku authors in 2013". Following German Tongues have been mentioned: Valeria Barouch, Christa Beau, Wolfgang Beutke, Elke Bonacker, Claudia Brefeld, Ralf Bröker, Simone K. Busch, Beate Conrad, Cezar-Florin CiobîcăHeike GewiLothar M. Kirsch, Bernhard Kopf, Ramona Linke, Horst Ludwig, Stella Pierides, Rudi Pfaller, Helga Stania, Heike Stehr, Dietmar Tauchner.
DIOGEN PRO sent a New Year Greeting Card 2014.
Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă, Stella Pierides, Christa Beau, Heike Gewi, Gerd Börner, and Ralf Bröker took part.

Here are the results of Shiki Kukai December 2013Stella Pierides, Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă, Claudius Gottstein, and Ralf Bröker sent in submissions.