Martina Heinisch: Writes and Lives near Münster

wood anemone 
only the hare
and I

The Heron's Nest März 08 

Japanese garden -
my first Sumi-e
a Westphalian oak

Honorable Mention, May 6, 2010

pelting rain
beetle legs paddling
in the air
Haiku contest Juli 2012, Honorable Mention

Martina Heinisch: management assistant in data processing and florist,
born in 1960 in Sauerland, lives, writes and paints today near Münster (NRW).
Writing Haiku since 2007.

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Ilse Jacobson: Immersing into the Colours

moonlight -
immersing into the colours
of night

in the midst

of our silence
cherry blossom wind

Too late -

in the falling snow
his shadow

Ilse Jacobson, born in 1935 in Meinerzhagen, lives in Mössingen. Certified social pedagogue till 2002, used to be engaged in pre-school and special-needs school pedagogy.


Christa Beau: Haiku, Haiga, and Haibun

dark night...
captured in the words
of the farewell letter


sky – blue sea...
the fisherman
finds his dream


winter day
my hand firmly
in your hand

Asahi Haikuist Network 1/2012

Christa Beau, born 1948, married, two adult children, living in Halle on river Saale, pediatric nurse, now retired. Has published short stories, poems, haiku, and haibun in many anthologies (e. g. "Temptations – and not a bit afraid of influential men", "Heart over head", "Crazy about life", "Summer grass", yearbooks of haiku-heute), magazines, calendars, and on the internet. Editor of the anthology "Light and Shadow", author of the booklet "Haiku – Photohaiku" (2011). Hobbies are photography (making haiga) and painting (exhibitions in Bürgerläden, exhibitions with another painters). Member of a writing group and a painting circle, member of the DHG since 2000, six years as a DHG board member (secretary, 2nd chair), head of the Haiku Group of Halle for twelve years.



Ingo Cesaro: Independent Author

Looking in vain for
blossoms of magnolia –
among the branches.

A feather in my
hand left behind from the bird.
I can see the wind.

No empty seats left
but autumn grants us fog-banks –
outside the chapel.

Ingo Cesaro, independent author, living in Kronach. More than eighty releases in haiku-style. One hundred publishings of bibliophile editions and international anthologies in haiku-style, partly with original artworks. Sponsorship by the German Haiku Society, member amongst others in German-Swiss P.E.N. and German Haiku Society.


Gert W. Knop: Author and Graphic Artist

last days of summer
leaves are dancing in the sun
a pair of ducks hide

quite after midnight
time disappears in silence
suddenly thunder

the song of a lark
so very slowly fading
after summer rain

Gert W. Knop, pseudonym: André Steinbach, born in 1943 in Darmstadt, Germany, lives and works in Zittau, Saxony as author and graphic artist. His poems and short stories have been published in various anthologies in Germany and online in the USA (www.poetrysoup.com). He received several awards for his graphic art and poetry. His latest haiku have been published in the anthology: “Es duftet nach Sonntag” (A Scent of Sunday), Literaturpodium and Dorante Edition, Berlin, 2011.


René Possél: Increasing Enthusiasm for Decreasing

sandy beach
so many hourglasses

swimming far out
the endless sea
at eye level

waves at the shore
telling excitedly
from distant ships

René Possél, born 1949 in Essen, studies in theology and philosophy in Bochum, Tübingen and Paris, ten years service in the church, actually vocational counselor at the Federal Employment Agency, part-time speaker in funeral services. Besides a reference book he published poems of varying types – grave for grave(-yard)-purposes, hilarious and humorous poems for everything else. Since the end of his fourties he is writing haiku – with increasing enthusiasm for decreasing words.


Simone K. Busch: Awareness Practice and Challenge

passing carefully
water and salt

Asahi, July 1st, 2011

weighing words
all the way home
crescent moon

Notes from the Gean December 2011

kelp forest
all those creatures
inside me

A Hundred Gourds December 2011

Simone K. Busch, born 1965 in Berlin, currently living in Tokyo (Japan) with her family. She has a university degree in business administrations and is trained as a teacher for creative writing. Haiku and haiga since 2009. Member of the German Haiku Society. Her work is published by Sommergras, Haiku heute, Hamburger Haiku Verlag, Asahi Shimbun, Lynx, World Haiku Association monthly contest (Master Haiga Artist with Bea Bareis), Asahi Haikuist Column, Daily Haiga, Notes from the Gean, Haigaonline, A Hundred Gourds and others.

German Haiku Society: member's page
Simone K. Busch: blog


Horst Ludwig: Haiku and Tanka from Minnesota

The moon is somewhere
rising through the snowy night,
the Nibelung's ring.

Pentecost morning
visiting the eldest son
who's now on his own

Autumnal evening.
The shadow following me
is getting longer.

    "Haiku Wall", Quarterly National HSA Meeting, Bend, Oregon, 2011

Horst Ludwig is em. Professor of German at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, U.S.A. Further biographical notes: 


Beate Conrad: Combining The Arts

Grass trembling,
trembling under the sickle
of the moon.

  Just a little spring.
Her pierced belly stretches
between jeans and shirt.

another universe
2nd prize, Best of Mainichi 2010

Beate Conrad: born and raised in Northern Germany. In 2000 she moved to the USA.  She writes, paints, takes photographs, and creates her own music. She is especially interested in haiku as literary art and in its analysis. Her essays on aesthetics, on sound and rhythm in haiku, on reading and interpreting haiku have been published in SOMMERGRAS, the quarterly haiku magazine of the German Haiku Society. She is a member of the editorial team of the international haiku-magazine Chrysanthemum. Her haiga have been awarded twice (2007 second prize, 2009 first prize) by the World Haiku Association, Japan. Her projects combining haiku and other arts are so far: "Blicke in ein Jahr/Glances into a Year", a nineteen-piece haiga-portfolio in collaboration with Prof. Horst Ludwig, MN, USA, released in 2009/10. "Ruf der Engel/Call of the Angels", fourteen symphonic sound paintings for seven haiku, released in 2010. "Haiku in Motion" is an ongoing project with a multimedia approach to haiku. "Cherry Blossom Shower", a first haiku-video in HD, has been released on YouTube in 2011.

- all projects are presented on HaikuGlobus
- an Interview with Beate Conrad, Simply Haiku, 2011


Matthias Korn: Haiku from Magdeburg

the moon
is staggering

Open air concert
a child
counts legs

Clouds darken
in the children's room
a clock ticks

Matthias Korn, born in 1967, lives in Magdeburg, Germany, management assistant in informatics, haiku poet since 2003 and member of the German Haiku Society.


Claudia Melchior: Haiku, Photos, Music

a cyclist carries
The Girl from Ipanema
through the town

The Mainichi Daily News 03.09.2010 and „Annual Selection 2010“

All Hallows' Eve--
grandpa puts his teeth
into a glass 

marked for felling...
in the treetop
a bird's nest

Claudia Melchior was born 1966 in Freiburg where she still lives and writes. She is a member of the German Haiku Society since 2006. Publications of haiku and haiga in anthologies, in the Saijiki of Hamburger Haiku Verlag, Haiku heute, Sommergras, World Haiku Review, Chrysanthemum, The Mainichi Daily News, Asahi Shimbun, Haikuscope, Lynx, Dulzinea, WHA Haiga Contest. Also musical versions of texts.

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Klemens Antusch: Haiku - Hobby and Challenge

Penalty shootout
photographers with
one focused eye

Wine tasting
homeward bent
a wobbly moon

Long-term service
the rain
against the night

Klemens Antusch - born at Johannesburg (South Africa) in 1955, resident outside Regensburg and Perth, haiku - hobby and challenge.


Silvia Kempen: Writer and Editor

growing moon -
his forefinger touches
the dark line

Haikuscope: Kurzgedicht der Woche 8. KW 2011

Flying seagull --
a boy
pulling the line

Asahi, Feb. 5, 2010

her raven-black hair
whitened with cherry petals
on her way to church

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2011

Silvia Kempen, *1958, lives in Apen, Lower Saxony. Board Member of the German Haiku Society and the editorial board of SOMMERGRAS. Writing haiku since 2005.