René Possél: Increasing Enthusiasm for Decreasing

sandy beach
so many hourglasses

swimming far out
the endless sea
at eye level

waves at the shore
telling excitedly
from distant ships

René Possél, born 1949 in Essen, studies in theology and philosophy in Bochum, Tübingen and Paris, ten years service in the church, actually vocational counselor at the Federal Employment Agency, part-time speaker in funeral services. Besides a reference book he published poems of varying types – grave for grave(-yard)-purposes, hilarious and humorous poems for everything else. Since the end of his fourties he is writing haiku – with increasing enthusiasm for decreasing words.


Simone K. Busch: Awareness Practice and Challenge

passing carefully
water and salt

Asahi, July 1st, 2011

weighing words
all the way home
crescent moon

Notes from the Gean December 2011

kelp forest
all those creatures
inside me

A Hundred Gourds December 2011

Simone K. Busch, born 1965 in Berlin, currently living in Tokyo (Japan) with her family. She has a university degree in business administrations and is trained as a teacher for creative writing. Haiku and haiga since 2009. Member of the German Haiku Society. Her work is published by Sommergras, Haiku heute, Hamburger Haiku Verlag, Asahi Shimbun, Lynx, World Haiku Association monthly contest (Master Haiga Artist with Bea Bareis), Asahi Haikuist Column, Daily Haiga, Notes from the Gean, Haigaonline, A Hundred Gourds and others.

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