Joachim Thiede: Active Biologist, Working In the IT Field

drop by drop

the icicle looses its life

glittering in sun

Bashō Festival Haiku Contest of The Basho-o Memorial Museum.
Grand Prizes in English Haiku 2015


The cat sleeks

the sun from its skin

International Matsuo Basho of the Italian haiklu Association.
2° Prize Section B – Haiku in Foreign Languages

hay harvest

in a cloud of dust

the meadow coiled up


Joachim Thiede was born 1963. Biologist, active as botanist. Working in the IT field.


Christoph Blumentrath: Cycling, Garden, Music, And Haiku

mossy gravestone
the little granddaughter listens
to grandpa's tale


The bright days
after the first kiss--
spring awake

Asahi Haikuist Network

through winter branches
polyphonic wind

Asahi Haikuist Network

Christof Blumentrath was born in 1956, lives and works in Borken (Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia), keeps fit by cycling, gardening and singing in pop- and jazz-choirs. Haiku and haibun publications in Sommergras, Chrysanthemum, Haiku heute, Asahi Haikuist Network, Tageshaiku.