Claudia Brefeld: Author and Photographer

holidays end--
only the motion of the sea
in the driving mirror

old stream--
the moon floats into
the blue hour

The Heron’s Nest – XVIII (1) 2011

dust-blind glass –
her hands searching
forgotten closeness

Claudia Brefeld – born 1956 in Gronau (NRW), lives in Bochum. She has written lyrics (and short stories) for many years and haiku and aphorism since 2003. Moreover she writes tan-renga, renku and rengay. Nature photography is also on the list of her hobby priorities. Her haiku and haiga have been published in anthologies and in such magazines as: Albatross, Chrysanthemum, Mainichi Daily News, Notes from the Gean, Simply Haiku, The Heron's Nest, WHC-German, WHA-Haiga-Contest. SOMMERGRAS, and other… She is the second chairwoman of the German Haiku Society, and founding member and secretary to the board of the German Aphorism Archive.


Rudi Pfaller: "I Always Discover New Things"

silent night
a nut drops
from the moon

Mainichi Daily News 04-12-2006

brimstone butterfly
the sun
gets wings

Mainichi Daily News Best of 2010

 Autumn gale
every leaf
hunts leaves

Rudi Pfaller was born in 1949, and with his wife and his dog he lives in the valley of Rems nearby Stuttgart. He has been writing haiku since 2006. He says: “Since that time I try to reveal the secret about this short poetry and I always discover new things.”