Christa Beau: Haiku, Haiga, and Haibun

dark night...
captured in the words
of the farewell letter


sky – blue sea...
the fisherman
finds his dream


winter day
my hand firmly
in your hand

Asahi Haikuist Network 1/2012

Christa Beau, born 1948, married, two adult children, living in Halle on river Saale, pediatric nurse, now retired. Has published short stories, poems, haiku, and haibun in many anthologies (e. g. "Temptations – and not a bit afraid of influential men", "Heart over head", "Crazy about life", "Summer grass", yearbooks of haiku-heute), magazines, calendars, and on the internet. Editor of the anthology "Light and Shadow", author of the booklet "Haiku – Photohaiku" (2011). Hobbies are photography (making haiga) and painting (exhibitions in Bürgerläden, exhibitions with another painters). Member of a writing group and a painting circle, member of the DHG since 2000, six years as a DHG board member (secretary, 2nd chair), head of the Haiku Group of Halle for twelve years.