Same Sky Over Plains and City

Asahi Haikuist Networks talks about trees, wine and moon. You will find works written by Horst Ludwig, Ramona Linke, Valeria Barouch, Heike Stehr, and Heike Gewi.

Haiku by Heike Gewi, Lothar M. Kirsch and Wolfgang Beutke (twice) were presented by Mainichi Daily and are now part of its archive.

Meguro International Haiku Circle 11 has published Simone K. Busch.

The 113th WHA Haiga Contest shows art-work from Beate Conrad, Christa Beau, Cezar F. Ciobica, Helga Stania, Silvia Kempen, and Simone K. Busch.

ARDEA's issue no. 3 is online, including Silvia Kempen, Stella Pierides, and Dietmar Tauchner. Some haiku in English have been translated by Beate Conrad.

Stella Pierides' and Dietmar Tauchner's haiku are part of bones 2 (which was forgotten to be reported here in summer. Sorry about that).

Cezar F. Ciobica was successful in 11th Annual Peots' Choice Kukai.

Under the Basho Autumn 2013 presents Beate Conrad's Kusamakura-haiku from 2009. Her haiku and haibun were also published in Simply Haiku Summer 2013.

Carribbean Kigo Kukai #47 saw Claudius Gottstein and Ralf Bröker as participants.

Peggy Heinrich had chosen haiku by Dietmar Tauchner and Ralf Bröker as Haiku Per Diem in October 2013. Her theme: Urban Haiku. She wrote: "Haiku are usually defined as poems of nature. Looking to cities for haiku may seem contradictory but the same sky that drifts over the plains looms above the city. Birds fly, animals caper, flowers and trees bloom, offering many opportunities for fine haiku. In the midst of all the cement and concrete are multitudes of humans by the thousands, and where there are humans, a poignant or ironic scene awaits the perceptive poet. Along with true haiku, many that appear this month are senryu, the haiku of human nature."

First issue of moongarlic is online now. On its back page it presents a haiku from Ralf Bröker within a haiga by the editors.