A Unique State of Mind

Dietmar Tauchner wrote the price winning haiku in the 18th Kusamakura. Michael Lindenhofer won the Kumamoto "City of Artesian Waters" Haiku Award.

Valeria Barouch belongs to the winning authors at the 15th HIA Haiku Contest.

Results of The Mainichi Haiku Contest 2013 have been published. The 17th issue saw nearly 900 entries in English and over 300 in French. Among the winners of the Second Prize we find Dietmar Tauchner. You will find haiku from Brigitte Schaldach-Helmlechler, Ramona Linke, and Wolfgang Beutke in the Honorable-Mention-gallery. Judge Toru Haga says: "Every year of the contest, Western-language haiku have developed with certainty, and it seems that they are breaking away from "Japonism" and starting to achieve a unique state of mind. The message is to strike back at the world of cheap tricks in Japanese haiku while breaking from the traditions of Western poetry marked by verbosity and loquaciousness."

Isamu Hashimoto selected haiku for The Mainichi Daily News: Wolfgang Beutke, Rudi Pfaller, Valeria Barouch, Elke Bonacker, Lothar M. Kirsch, Helga Stania, Beate Conrad, and Ramona Linke.  

David McMurray and The Asahi Haikuist Network present one last haiku of the year, the end of the year and an end of the year celebration in verses by Cezar F. Ciobica, Ramona Linke, and Valeria Barouch.

Dietmar Tauchner, Stella Pierides, and Ralf Bröker appear in Bones 3.

The Shiki Monthly Kukai in November found Cezar F. Ciobica, Horst Ludwig, and Ralf Bröker in the points.

The winter-edition of European Quarterly Kukai ist online. German Tongues in  number of appearance: Dietmar Tauchner, Cezar F. Ciobica, Heike Gewi, Sylvia Bacher, Valeria Barouch, Klaus-Dieter Wirth, Yuko Igarashi, Wolfgang Beutke, Heinz Schneemann, Ramona Linke, Silvia Kempen, Ralf Bröker, Claudius Gottstein, Beate Conrad, and Brigitte ten Brink.

Ruth Zuckschwerdt and Ralf Bröker wrote tanka, published in The Bamboo Hut, volume 1 issue 2.

Meguro International Haiku Circle's festival saw Simone K. Busch as winner of the kukai.

The Heron's Nest Volume XV Issue 4 presents work from Cezar F. Ciobica, Martina Heinisch, and Stella Pierides