Claudia Brefeld: Author and Photographer

holidays end--
only the motion of the sea
in the driving mirror

old stream--
the moon floats into
the blue hour

The Heron’s Nest – XVIII (1) 2011

dust-blind glass –
her hands searching
forgotten closeness

Claudia Brefeld – born 1956 in Gronau (NRW), lives in Bochum. She has written lyrics (and short stories) for many years and haiku and aphorism since 2003. Moreover she writes tan-renga, renku and rengay. Nature photography is also on the list of her hobby priorities. Her haiku and haiga have been published in anthologies and in such magazines as: Albatross, Chrysanthemum, Mainichi Daily News, Notes from the Gean, Simply Haiku, The Heron's Nest, WHC-German, WHA-Haiga-Contest. SOMMERGRAS, and other… She is the second chairwoman of the German Haiku Society, and founding member and secretary to the board of the German Aphorism Archive.

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