Udo Wenzel: Writer and Editor

carry the moonlight
across backwater

New haiku contest 2010 Merit Award

Hiroshima day -
the sound of the bell
over the town

Bashô's Anniversary Web Haiku Contest Award

child soldier
peering at the sky
in his barrel

2006, Commended by Steve Wolfe

Udo Wenzel, born in 1957 in Southern Germany. Training as a bookseller, studies of sociology, diverse odd jobs. Works in the Information Technology since 1991. Lives in Hamburg since 1983. Occasionally he had been writing poems and short stories for about 30 years, got involved with haiku-poetry in 2002. Publications of haiku, essays about haiku-theory and -history, interviews, and translations in anthologies and haiku-magazines (national and international). Member of the German Haiku Society. Editor of TAUBENSCHLAG (dovecote), the litblog for short lyrics and short prose. Editor of the website HAIKU-STEG (haiku-jetty). Published his book "Taubenschlag" with short poems and short poetry in 2010 (Wiesenburg Verlag, Schweinfurt).

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