Beate Conrad: Combining The Arts

Grass trembling,
trembling under the sickle
of the moon.

  Just a little spring.
Her pierced belly stretches
between jeans and shirt.

another universe
2nd prize, Best of Mainichi 2010

Beate Conrad: born and raised in Northern Germany. In 2000 she moved to the USA.  She writes, paints, takes photographs, and creates her own music. She is especially interested in haiku as literary art and in its analysis. Her essays on aesthetics, on sound and rhythm in haiku, on reading and interpreting haiku have been published in SOMMERGRAS, the quarterly haiku magazine of the German Haiku Society. She is a member of the editorial team of the international haiku-magazine Chrysanthemum. Her haiga have been awarded twice (2007 second prize, 2009 first prize) by the World Haiku Association, Japan. Her projects combining haiku and other arts are so far: "Blicke in ein Jahr/Glances into a Year", a nineteen-piece haiga-portfolio in collaboration with Prof. Horst Ludwig, MN, USA, released in 2009/10. "Ruf der Engel/Call of the Angels", fourteen symphonic sound paintings for seven haiku, released in 2010. "Haiku in Motion" is an ongoing project with a multimedia approach to haiku. "Cherry Blossom Shower", a first haiku-video in HD, has been released on YouTube in 2011.

- all projects are presented on HaikuGlobus
- an Interview with Beate Conrad, Simply Haiku, 2011

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