Day-to-Day-Haiku: Everyone May Submit

Tageshaiku is a new bilingual online presentation. Its English name is Day-to-Day-Haiku, and founder Silvia Kempen works as an admin. Haiku From German Tongues wants to know why, how, and who ...

Silvia, you have started "Day-To-Day-Haiku" as a project in German and English. Why?

There are several reasons. The German web page "Haiku heute" publishes a greater number of haiku once a month. I think to present haiku this way gpays  for the single haiku. Haikuscope dedicates one short poem to a whole week. A long time, in my view. Therefore fewer texts can be published and that might be disappointing for the sender. I think, there are more than 52 good haiku in one year.

To be read world-wide and thus to contribute something for further dissemination of German Haiku, I use the English language. But it can be vice versa.

The accessories below the asterisk give pleasure, and I hope this may also be interesting for people who don't write haiku.
Day-To-Day-Haiku appears daily - as the name says. That's a lot of work. How do you manage this as a single administrator?

Though online desktop publishing on blogspot.de annoys me sometimes, it offers a schedule facility. At the very moment posts upto the middle of February are ready and on the appropriate days they will go online automatically.

Unfortunately I don't have the submissions to bridge a time of more than 10 days, but hopefully one day it will be. If not, I have to see how to accomplish it. I'm sure, I  will get an idea.

Who may submit by Day-To-Day-Haiku? 

Everyone! Any nationality. To  translate the haiku into German, it is necessary to send in an English version in a good quality. Here I would like to thank Wolfgang Beutke and Klaus-Dieter Wirth for some help.

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