Walter Mathois writes since his youth

pansies tremble
in the old lady's walker
green traffic light

almond blossoms

whirling around
the dream catcher

The Mainichi, May2nd2012

butterflies rest

on the railway
apple blossoms

The Mainichi, June 2nd 2012

Walter O. Mathois: 1954 born and living in Vienna. Since his youth he writes poems and just can't help it. Because of his interest in the Japanese way of life, he approached the Japanese short lyric forms. 2007 he started to write haiku, tanka, and Japanese linked verse with other Haijin. He is co-author of the book "Urban Story", dedicated to all kinds of linked verse and published in various anthologies, the journals Sommergras, Lotosblüte, Chrysanthemum, Notes from the Gean, Sketchbook, Lynx, JRR, and others.


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